Assistive Listening & Sound Reinforcement Products

I have a set of rechargeable batteries that will not charge in the BP60 belt pack or in the HHM60 microphone. It’s not the batteries, as they are new.

When replacing the Ni-MH batteries in the BP60 or in the HHM60, it is necessary to remove a 1/2-inch of insulation from the negative end of the battery. This is to prevent accidental charging of alkaline batteries in the BP60 or in the HHM60.

I have the ALT1000 transmitter and it works Great and I’d like to add a second unit. Can I have multiple external antennas and what are the precautions I need to follow.

It is best to use one common antenna with multiple transmitters. The RF output from the ALT1000’s can be fed to a combiner with a minimum of 20 dB of isolation between ports, such as the 100-3613 4-way splitter.

I have the SRR60 sound reinforcement receiver installed in a large auditorium; can I add more sensors by splitting the infrared sensor input signal? If so, how far can I run the coax?

The infrared sensor input can be split to accommodate more sensors, however you must use a splitter that is DC passive and will operate between 2 and 3 MHz. Distance at this frequency is not an issue, if you use a good grade of coaxial cable.