My SW-8 has a few missing segments in the display, do I need a new display or factory service?

The failure of some segments in the SW-8 display is most likely due to poor contact between the printed circuit board and the display. The solution is to clean the printed circuit board contact points with wood alcohol or a similar solvent. We suggest reading the following procedure before attempting to clean the display to become familiar with the steps.

To clean the SW-8 display PC board proceed as follows:

  1. Disconnect the AC power adapter.
  2. Remove the wrap-a-round top cover.
  3. Remove the battery compartment cover.
  4. Remove bottom cover.
  5. Disconnect the five cables connecting the front panel to the main PC board. (top of unit)
  6. Disconnect the cable connecting the front panel assembly to the synthesizer PC board. (bottom of unit).
  7. Remove the two screws on each end of the front panel assembly. Remove the front panel assembly from the main chassis and set the main chassis aside.
  8. Remove the three screws from the display PC board, remove the display PC board from the front panel assembly. NOTE: When re-assembling the display PC board to the front panel assembly, please take care NOT to over torque these screws. The plastic is very easy to strip out.
  9. Be careful not to scratch the front of the plastic lens.
  10. Remove the plastic lens assembly from the front panel PC board by spreading the plastic clips.
  11. Clean the contacts on the front panel PC board with wood alcohol or similar solvent. NOTE: The “zebra” strip should be fully seated against the right side of the plastic display. The “zebra” strip should also be flat against the front panel PC board and the LCD display.
  12. Re-assemble in reverse order.