I’ve connected the DSE24 to a TV, and all indications are that it should be working, but there is no video on the TV. What gives?

The DSE24 output level is designed to feed a system which typically includes splitters (which introduce a loss of signal level). Directly connecting the DSE24 to a TV may overload the input of the TV. We can’t speak for all TV’s, but often the ANT or CATV input on a TV likes to see around 0 dBmV (from about +10 to -10 dBmV). Since the DSE24 outputs a range of 29.5 to 45 dBmV, this will overdrive many TV’s. The solution is to place about 30dB of attenuation between the DSE24 and the TV, and set the DSE24 output level the same as the attenuation, which results in 0 dBmV at the TV.

In this example, setting the DSE24 for +30dBmV output -30dB of attenuation = 0dBmV at the TV.