I have an EH-24, and am only using 8 encoders. The bit rate of each is set to 4.3Mbit/s, and yet I still get the message “Bitrate too high for QAM mode.” 8 x 4.3 = 34.4Mbps. I thought the output could go as high as 38.8Mbps?

The 4.3 bit rate that you have set is for video only. To be more exact, you need to add .4Mbps for audio, and .2Mbps for table information. So in this case 4.3 + .4 + .2 = 4.9Mbps, and 4.9Mbps x 8 = 39.2Mbps, which does exceed the 38.8Mbps maximum for QAM256. So we suggest lowering the bit rate down to the 4.1 or 4.2Mbit/s range to allow for the audio and table information.