I am using a DSE24 and the unit is displaying “WAITING FOR CLOCK LOCK”. Why?

This is an indication that the incoming video is probably not timed correctly. This is unfortunately common on PCs with on-board video – sometimes installing the correct video drivers (instead of using what Windows ships with) will fix the problem. The DSE24 only supports the exact SMPTE timings – which some video sources fail to produce. Most modern video cards (both ATI- and NVidia-based) produce proper timings just fine; if a PC doesn’t produce correct timings with its current video card, a video upgrade card will usually make it work. Laptops are a somewhat more tricky situation, since adding video cards to them can be hard/impossible; Try upgrading the drivers on that machine and this may fix the issue. To be clear, the DSE24 supports resolutions of: 1920×1080@30, 1280×720@60, 720×480@60, and 640×480@60. These should be supported video modes on most modern machines.