SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2015 Exhibitor Preview

RL Drake and Blonder Tongue in Booth 1221

At the 2015 Cable-Tec Expo, RL Drake Holdings, together with Blonder Tongue Laboratories, will bring more than 130 years of combined engineering and manufacturing excellence with solid histories of delivering reliable, quality products.

Hybrid QAM Modulator with IP

MEQ1000B platform and IPI1000 module by RL Drake

MEQ1000B platform and IPI1000 module by RL Drake

RL Drake will showcase its new revision release MEQ1000B, a commercial-grade hybrid QAM modulator. It enables trans-modulation, MPEG encoding and IP stream acquisition in a single platform. Multiple input card options cover a wide arrange of applications and allows operators to build custom QAM’s from up to two diverse sources.
The new engineering release provides the convenience of local or remote web-based management for any of the input module options. RL Drake will also debut its new IP input module — model IPI1000, which accepts 1 MPTS or 20 SPTS IP programs.

Hotel Guide Channel Solution

RL Drake will demonstrate its Enterprise Edge Guide with QAM and IP output (EEG-QIP) and the Content Hotel Information Carousel (CHIC) software allowing content Service Providers to offer a custom flip-page hotel-guide channel for a Hotel’s unique channel lineup, giving the hotel opportunities for branding and revenue by local ad insertion.

The EEG & The CHIC by RL Drake

The EEG & The CHIC by RL Drake

The CHIC sends the hotel-guide data to the EEG over any QAM channel on the RF network for the hotel property, without the expense of a third-party IP option. The EEG-QIP, based on the information in the user configuration file, controls the placement of the guide data information onto a custom MPEG-2 encoded channel that displays on the screen in a grid-based listing.

PEG Channel Encoder Series

RL Drake will demonstrate its continually expanding line of PEG Series encoders. RL Drake’s PEG encoders optimize multi-point distribution for public, education, government, and sports applications. The PEG-NE24-IP is a stand-alone MPEG-2 and H.264 digital encoder with a single digital SD/HD-SDI input. For applications requiring an analog input, the PEG-NE24-IP-C offers composite video and audio inputs as well as the single digital SD/HD-SDI input.

Award Winning PEG Series by RL Drake

Award Winning PEG Series by RL Drake

In addition, PEG Series accessories have become available which includes a rack mount kit for holding 3 PEG encoders — model PEG-RK-KIT. The PEG-MP-IP-C, still in preliminary stages, is a multiple profile version capable of outputting resolutions of 640×480 and 320×240.

About R.L. Drake

Headquartered in Ohio, Drake is an American cable TV institution, designing and building innovative end-to-end communications systems and video engineering components for over 65 years. Drake Digital headends are deployed in demanding locations worldwide. Commercial, government, and MSO customers of all sizes use Drake Digital systems. Drake arms multichannel service providers with the technical solutions they need to effectively compete in the residential, enterprise, and hospitality environments.

Andy Ruffin
Vice President of Sales