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1002365 Option Board for SCT8601002365YESYESUser Manual
1002366 Option Board for SCT8601002366YESYESUser Manual
AC16 Active Combiner1003620YESYESN/A
AC1655 Active CombinerYESYESN/A
AC1675 Active CombinerYESYESN/A
AC1686 Active CombinerYESYESUser Manual
ACT1000 Air to Cable TranscoderYESYESUser Manual
ASII ASI Input ModuleYESYESUser Manual
BP60 Belt Pack TransmiterNONOsee model SRR60
DA7533 Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DA7543 Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DA8632 Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DA8642 Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DA100032YESYESUser Manual
DA100042YESYESUser Manual
DAD860 Digital to Analog DecoderNONOUser Manual
DAD860A Digital to Analog DecoderNONOUser Manual
DAD860 ControllerNONOincluded in DAD860 Manual
DAR7533 Rack Mount Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DAR7542 Rack Mount Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DAR8618 Rack Mount Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DAR8633 Rack Mount Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DAR8642 Rack Mount Distribution AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
DAV860YESYESUser Manual
DD860 Digital Tuner/DemodulatorYESYESUser Manual
DDC806 Digital Down ConverterYESLIMITEDN/A
DDC864 Digital Down ConverterYESYESUser Manual
DDC864A Digital Down ConverterYESYESUser Manual
DIP42 DiplexerYESYESUser Manual
DMM806YESYESUser Manual
DNP100YESYESUser Manual
DNP50YESYESUser Manual
DRMM4 Rack Housing and Power Supply for Digital ModulesYESYESN/A
DRMM12 Rack Housing for Digital ModulesYESYESUser Manual
DQT860 Digital to QAM TranscoderYESYESN/A
DQT861 Digital to QAM TranscoderYESYESUser Manual
DQT1000 Digital to QAM TranscoderYESYESUser Manual
DSE24 HD Digital Signage EncoderYESYESUser Manual v1
User Manual v2
DSE24A HD EncoderYESYESUser Manual
DUC550 Digital Up ConverterYESLIMITEDN/A
DUC860 Digital Up ConverterYESLIMITEDN/A
DUC864 Digital Up ConverterYESYESUser Manual
EH24 Encoder HostYESYESUser Manual
EH244YESYESUser Manual
EM60 Emitter MicrophoneNONOSee model SRR60
HCP1450 & HCP1450T Hetrodyne Channel ProcessorYESLIMITEDHCP1450 (N/A),
T Channel Option
HCP1550 & HCP1550T Hetrodyne Channel ProcessorYESYESUser Manual
T Channel Option
HCP2550 Hetrodyne Channel ProcessorYESYESNo User Manual,
Switch Configuration Chart
HCP2550A & HCP2550T Hetrodyne Channel ProcessorYESYESUser Manual
T Channel Option
HDE24 High Definition Encoder ModuleYESYESUser Manual
HHM60 Hand Held MicrophoneNONOSee model SRR60
IPI1000 IP Input ModuleYESYESUser Manual
IR60 Infrared ReceiverNONOSee model SRR60
LBA2030 L Band AmplifierYESYESUser Manual
LBS2250 L Band SplitterYESYESUser Manual
MEQ1000YESYESUser Manual
MM806 Modulation MonitorYESYESUser Manual
MMTS20 Stereo ExciterYESYESUser Manual
MPM860AG Mini Channel 3 / 4 Heterodyne ProcessorYESYESUser Manual
MQM860 Multiplexing QAM ModulatorYESYESN/A
MQM861 Multiplexing QAM ModulatorYESYESN/A
MQM1000 Multiplexing QAM ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
MQM6000L Multiplexing QAM ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
MRT1000 Modular Receiver Transcoder
YESYESUser Manual
ND-24-IP Network DecoderYESYESUser Manual
OBM100 Out of Band ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
PC16 Passive CombinerYESYESN/A
PC1201 Passive CombinerYESYESUser Manual
PC1601 Passive CombinerYESYESUser Manual
PC801 Passive CombinerYESYESUser Manual
PEG-NE24-IP & PEG-NE24-IP-C Encoders (#1002606 & #1002613) YESYESUser Manual
PEG-NE24-IP-C Encoder (#1002613A)YESYESUser Manual
PEG-PLUS Encoder (#1002613B)
YESYESUser Manual
PS8 Digital Power SupplyYESYESUser Manual
PS100 Digital Power SupplyYESYESN/A
PS151 Digital Power SupplyYESYESUser Manual
PSM121 Minirack Power SupplyYESYESUser Manual
QM1000YESYESUser Manual
QQP860 QAM to QAM Digital ProcessorYESYESN/A
RMM4 Minirack Module Mount and Power SupplyYESYESUser Manual
RMT150 Rack Mount Tray for Digital TranscodersYESYESN/A
SCT860 Digital TranscoderYESYESUser Manual N/A,
Remote Control Instructions
SCT2860 Digital TranscoderYESYESUser Manual
SCT3860 Digital TranscoderYESYESUser Manual
SCT4860 Digital TranscoderYESYESUser Manual
SCTeci Ethernet Controller InterfaceYESYESUser Manual
SDE24 Standard Definition Encoder ModuleYESYESUser Manual
SDM1000 Satellite Demodulator ModuleYESYESUser Manual
SDQPSK Digital Satellite QPSK DemodulatorYESYESN/A
SRE60 Sound Reinforcement SystemYESLIMITEDSee model SRR60
SRR60 Sound Reinforcement ReceiverYESLIMITEDUser Manual
TD8VSB 8VSB Digital Television DemodulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
TMQAM QAM Digital Television ModulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
TMQAMasi QAM Digital Television ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
TUM714 UpConverterYESYESUser Manual
VM2050YESYESUser Manual
VM2450B Agile Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
VM2550A Agile Video ModulatorYESYESN/A
VM2551 Agile Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDUser Manual
VM2552A Stereo Agile Video ModulatorYESYESN/A
VM286 Agile Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
VM2860 Agile Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
VM2862 Stereo Agile Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
VMD806AG Desktop Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
VMD860AG Desktop Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
VMD860AS Desktop Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
VMM600 Fixed Channel Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDUser Manual
VMM806 Fixed Channel Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDUser Manual
VMM806AG Agile Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDUser Manual
VMM860AG Agile Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDUser Manual
VMM860AP Agile Premium Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
VMM860AS Agile Premium Stereo Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDUser Manual
VMM860 Fixed Channel Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
VMR806AG Agile Video ModulatorYESLIMITEDN/A
VMR860AG Agile Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual
VMR860AS Agile Video ModulatorYESYESUser Manual