RL Drake Announces PEG Encoder Formally Approved by Three of the Top Six Major MSOs

Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Channels

SPRINGBORO, OH — May 19, 2015 — RL Drake announced today that the PEG-NE24 encoders have been formally approved for use by three of the top six major multi-system cable operators (MSOs). The encoders are designed to support public, education, and government (PEG) channels carrying local public access, school event, and municipal government programming.

“By listening carefully to top MSO needs, we developed these encoders that are optimized for the PEG application,” Executive Vice President Emily Nikoo noted. “Over time, PEG channels are being updated to HD as operators renew their franchise agreements. Due to the structure of these agreements, having the best performance for the lowest price is imperative. In addition to these three MSOs, the unit is also under evaluation at two more of the top six, as well as several midrange MSOs,” Nikoo continued.

Shipping of the PEG-NE24 encoders is underway. Operators can now efficiently transport SD and HD video and audio PEG signals over existing HFC networks, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated links or bandwidth-hungry analog sub-band solutions. The encoder sends signals from a local origination site back to the headend or hub location, so they can be multiplexed and broadcast, making it ideal for multipoint distribution applications.

More information on Drake products is available at www.rldrake.com.

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Andy Ruffin
Vice President of Sales