R.L. Drake’s DAD860 highlighted in Broadcasting & Cable

Dayton, OH, October 16, 2008 – R.L. Drake today announced that NBC Universal has successfully tested R.L. Drake’s DAD 860 ATSC receiver/downconverter for DTV downconversion. According to the Broadcasting & Cable story, the R.L. Drake DAD860 ATSC receiver/downconverters was placed at five translator sites, where NBC affiliate station KOB’s HDTV signal was downconverted and demodulated to analog under AFD control and then rebroadcast as analog NTSC signals. Sean Anker, director of engineering and production for NBC affiliate KOB, expects that process will be in place for some time after KOB’s high-powered analog signal is turned off in February.

Read the full story on the Broadcasting & Cable website.

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