R.L. Drake Teams with Beyond Broadband Technology to Offer Low-Cost, End-to-End Digital Cable Solution

Dayton, OH, July 28, 2008 – R.L. Drake has partnered with Beyond Broadband Technology (BBT) in order to develop components of an end to end solution for cable operators to economically deliver hundreds of channels of programming to their customers. The platform has been designed to allow either a total conversion to digital delivery or an overlay of digital programming in conjunction with existing analog channels. Local channels can be digitally delivered in an unencrypted format and satellite content can have individual subscriber conditional access controlled at a local, regional, or national level.

Standard definition video, high definition video, audio programming, and premium channels are all supported. All of this digital content from satellite is delivered in the bandwidth of twenty standard TV channels. Local digital channels may also be multiplexed so as to provide two digital off air signals in one channel bandwidth.

R.L. Drake will be supplying satellite to QAM digital transcoders (model SCT2x4), an out-of-band modulator (model OBM100) for set-top control, digital transcoders for digital off-air insertion (model DQT1000), and headend accessories like combiners and amplifiers.

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