R.L. Drake LLC to introduce its new DSE24 High Definition Encoder at Digital Signage Expo on February 23rd in Booth 1343

Drake DSE24 Digital Signage High Definition Encoder
Somewhat unnoticed by the average consumer over the past 5 years, digital flat panel television displays have been placed where we work, shop, vacation, educate ourselves and even where we sleep. Millions of digital displays have been deployed in these locations with most receiving content via a traditional coaxial cable television type distribution network. Savvy entrepreneurs such as in the hospitality industry are seizing the opportunity to offset the cost of digital flat panel displays by allowing advertisers access to them for targeted messaging directly to the consumer while they engage in activities away from home. Drake introduces a high quality and affordable solution that uses legacy coaxial cable networks to connect digital signage content providers with millions of existing flat panel displays where consumers are most likely to view them.

Cable television operators have deployed coaxial cable networks for decades and still are today because they remain the most reliable and cost effective means of distributing content. Taking advantage of low cost technology and to ensure compatibility with cable providers, most commercial building owners also have installed coaxial cable networks in their properties. Using experience gained from its extensive involvement in the cable television industry, Drake designed the DSE24 digital signage encoder to utilize these existing networks allowing digital signage content providers to save thousands of dollars per site while gaining instantaneous access to existing digital displays. The DSE24 is the ideal encoder for digital signage applications with features not typically found on similar products. 1080i resolution, frequency agile RF output to 1000MHz and +45dBmV QAM output level allow easy integration onto existing coaxial cable networks without causing disruption to other content providers already using them.

Delivered in a convenient desk top package, Drake’s DSE24 will encode a single uncompressed program derived from digital signage content creation or play-out devices with common HDMI, Component Video or VGA outputs to HD MPEG2 video. An internal QAM modulator and low noise upconverter allows the digital signage content to be viewed like any other cable channel on the network.

About R.L. Drake
Headquartered in Ohio, Drake is an American cable TV institution, designing and building innovative end-to-end communications systems and video engineering components for over 65 years. Drake Digital headends are deployed in demanding locations worldwide, from the White House Situation Room to Iraq’s Green Zone, Disney’s cruise ships to US Navy vessels, and even in remote Inuit Eskimo communities across the Arctic Circle. Drake Digital systems are used by commercial, government, and MSO customers of all sizes. Drake arms multi-channel service providers with the technical solutions they need to effectively compete in the residential, enterprise and hospitality environments.

Corporate Contact
Andy Ruffin
Vice President of Sales
R.L. Drake LLC