VM2860A Agile Modulator – 860 MHz

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VM2860A Agile Video Modulator

R.L. Drake now offers you superior stereo audio performance and extensive channel capacity with the monaural VM2860A agile modulator. As quality made products from Drake, long recognized for products of enduring quality and reliability, the VM2860A are designed and engineered to surpass the most demanding engineering requirements with frequency coverage up to 860 MHz.

  • Frequency agility with channel 2 through 135 coverage from 54 MHz to 864 MHz.
  • Front panel control of channel selection, video level, audio level, output level, and A/V ratio.
  • CATV (STD, HRC or IRC) or off-air channel plans selectable from front panel
  • High output power to +60 dBmV.
  • Low noise mixer designs provide a low broadband noise floor for large, multiple modulator installations.
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) ready with EAS IF signal input and automatic or manual switchover.
  • Video low-pass and SAW filtering plus to ensure quality performance in densely crowded CATV or SMATV environments.
  • Selectable IRC, HRC, CATV, and Off-Air Broadcast frequencies.

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Technical Data And Specifications

Video Input:
Connector: “F” Female
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Return Loss: 18 dB
Video Input Level: 0.7 volt Peak-to-Peak
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 58 dB
Differential Gain: 2.0 %
Differential Phase: 1.0 Degree
Over-Modulation Indicator 87 to 92 %
L/C Delay: Per FCC Requirements
RF Output:
Connector: “F” Female
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Return Loss: 12 dB
Channel Modes: CATV (STD, IRC, HRC) UHF, VHF
Power Level Range: + 50 to + 60 dBmV
Video Flatness: fv- 0.5 to fv + 4.2 MHz : 1.5 dB p/v
Carrier-to-Noise: – 63 dB
Broadband Noise: – 77 dBc
Spurios Outputs: – 63 dBc
Aural/ Visual Carrier Ratio: – 15 ± 5 dB
Mono Audio VM2860:
Connector: RCA
Input Impedance: Greater than 10k Ohms, unbalanced
Input Level: 0.5 to 4.0 volt Peak-to-Peak
Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Frequency Response: ± 0.5 dB
Total Harmonic Distotion: 1 % @ 25 kHz deviation
Signal-to-Noise Ration: 59 dB
Over-modulation Threshold: 25 ± 2 kHz peak deviation
Stereo Audio VM2862:
Connector:  RCA
Input Impedance: Greater than 10k Ohms unbalanced
Input Sensitivity: 0.7 volt Peak-to-Peak
Frequency Response: ± 0.75 dB
Separation: 20 dB
Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1 %
Input/Output Connector:  “F” Female
Aural Frequency: 41.25 MHz
Visual Frequency: 45.75 MHz
Composite IF Output: Aural: + 20 dBmV Visual: + 35 dBmV
Input/Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
Input/Output Return Loss: 16/15 dB
EAS/Alternative IF:
Connector:  “F” Female
Input Level: + 35 dBmV @ 45.75 MHz
Switch Isolation: Greater than 60 dB
AC Power:  117 VAC ± 10 %, 60 Hz, 29 Watts max.
Fuse: Fuse 0.4A Type T 250 V
Temperature Range: 32° to 122° F
Size: 19.0 X 14.25 X 1.75″
Weight: 11 lb.

Specifications, price, and availability are subject to change without notice or obligation.