MPM860AG Agile Processor Module

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The MPM860AG is a high quality agile channel processor designed to convert an input channel 3 or 4 to any CATV output channel from 2 to 135 or broadcast channel from 2-69. 1 to 12 processors or other accessories can be mounted in 2 RU (rack spaces) (3.5″). The MPM860AG joins the legendary Drake Mini Rack Solution as a device capable of receiving a modulated channel 3 or 4 from a digital DTA set top box that does not have composite audio/video outputs. If the output channel is stereo then the MPM860AG will pass the converted channel as stereo. The MPM860AG may also be used with other devices having a channel 3 or 4 modulator as well and may serve as an inexpensive means to provide stereo programs if present in the channel 3 or 4 output. Like other Drake agile mini rack products a convenient push wheel switch is used to select the output channel.

  • Convenient push wheel switches for channel selection.
  • Standard CATV channels 2 – 135 or Broadcast channels 2 – 69 selectable from front panel.
  • IRC & HRC CATV channel formats selectable by internal jumper.
  • Channel 3 or 4 input can be double sideband or vestigial sideband.
  • SAW filtering for superior adjacent channel performance and removal of undesired sideband if present at input.
  • Stereo ready providing original stream is stereo and passes via channel 3 or 4
  • Agility allows for “hot standby” solutions in headends.
  • Agility allows for minimal service stock.
  • An Economical NTSC channel 3 or 4 channel processor
  • +45 dBmV output
  • Front panel control of RF output level.
  • Complies with FCC Rules Part 76.
  • Use up to 12 MPM860AG processors in a two-rack height space powered by a single PSM125 Power Supply.
  • Use up to 4 MPM860AG processors in a one-rack height space by using the RMM4 Rack and Power Supply.
  • Rack mount and high capacity PSM125 Power Supply sold separate

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