DDC864A Digital Down Converter

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The R.L. Drake DDC864A is a low noise downconverter designed for translating digital ATSC, 8VSB signals from their off-air channel to a 44 MHz IF output. The output of the DDC864A can be connected to a DUC series upconverter to place the digital signal on a new output channel.

When the DDC864A is used with the DUC864, “on channel” conversions, (the same input channel on the DCC and output channel on the DUC) are acceptable.

The DDC864A provides low noise figure and low phase noise as well as a flat passband to minimize signal deterioration.

The DDC864A is optimized for use with ATSC 8VSB modulation in a 6 MHz wide channel assignment. The passband is designed for optimized operation with 8VSB signals in an adjacent channel environment. For translation of QAM signals, the Drake model DQT1000 is preferred for this task but has been discontinued. The current equivalent would be the MEQ1000B with the DTD1000A.

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