ASII ASI Input Module for MEQ1000A/B

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The ASII module is for use in the MEQ1000A/B. One module provides one DVB-ASI SPTS or MPTS input for the MEQ1000A/B. One or two ASII modules may be used in a MEQ1000.

Using the ASII module, programs may be input to the MEQ1000 where they will be program filtered, retimed, and multiplexed with programs from the other input module.

The ASII module can accept data rates up to 80 Mbps. Possible sources are satellite IRDs, output from a fiber link, encoders, terrestrial demodulators, video servers and other related equipment.

The ASII also provides an ASI output which provides a looped out copy of the ASI stream coming into the ASI input port of the same ASII module.

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