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Drake Brings Leading Support for Public, Education, and Government (PEG)
Local Public Access, School Events, and Municipal Government Programming

Our PEG Encoders are designed to transport video and audio signals from a local origination site back to a Service Provider headend or hub location, so it can be multiplexed and broadcast throughout the Service Provider’s franchise area. Content programming can include high school sports events, live coverage of town hall and school committee meetings, and local citizens content.

The Zixi UDP-based Protocol optimized for video transport enables broadcasters, sports networks, and service providers adapt to the public internet using standard IP networks as a way to ingest and reliably transport broadcast quality video.  Our PEG-NE24-IP-C Z encoder includes Zixi protocol for streaming content over a managed, or unmanaged network including the public internet.

Point-to-Point Application Topology  Point-to-Multipoint Application Topology

The ND-24-IP is a low cost professional MPEG-2 and H.264 network decoder, capable of receiving content from clear QAM, off-air (8VSB), and IP sources.  The unit simultaneously outputs video content in SDI, HDMI, and Component formats.  SDI outputs are available in 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, or SD-SDI formats.

The ND-24-IP can be used as a stand-alone high quality decoder, or used in conjunction with PEG-NE24-IP-C w/ Zixi Protocol, or other IP encoders (PEG-NE24-IP, or PEG PLUS) to provide an end-to-end IP video delivery solution over a managed network – see Point-to-Point diagram above.

When the ND-24-IP is used with PEG-NE24-IP-C w/ Zixi Protocol and a Zixi Link License, it can provide a reliable Point-to-Point IP video transport anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  The unit can also be used in a Point-to-Multipoint application to decode the Zixi protocol stream from a Zixi Broadcaster – see Point-to-Multipoint diagram above.

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