Hybrid QAM Modulator

Multi-Solution Edge QAM Platform

The MEQ1000B is capable of trans-modulation, MPEG encoding, and IP stream acquisition in a single platform.  A must-have for Hospitality, Health Care, Commercial, Government & Military, Digital Signage, or Cable Networks.

Multiple input card options cover a wide arrange of applications. The MEQ1000B allows you to build custom QAM channels from up to two diverse sources allowing operators to best utilize their bandwidth. Multiplexing locally encoded content with an existing QAM or satellite transport provides ultimate flexibility.



Input Module Options

  • Demodulation of QPSK, 8PSK modulated satellite transport including DVB-S2, DCII, advanced Turbo FEC’s utilizing the SDM1000 Satellite Demodulator Card
  • Demodulation of ATSC or QAM RF signals utilizing the DTD1000 Digital Demodulator Card
  • MPTS or SPTS IP program acquisition utilizing the IPI1000 IP Input Card
  • ASI Input with ASI loop output utilizing the ASII ASI Input Card
  • MPEG-2 and/or MPEG-4 / H.264 video encoding from multi-standard uncompressed video sources.
  • Dolby® Digital or MPEG1-Layer 2 audio encoding from PCM-embedded or analog stereo audio source
  • HD/SD SDI encoding with PCM embedded or stereo analog audio utilizing the SDI24A encoder
  • HDMI, component or composite encoding utilizing the HDE24A HD encoder.
  • Composite video with stereo audio encoding utilizing the SDE24A dual SD encoder.

QAM Modulator

  • High level +61 dBmV, low noise multiplexed RF QAM output
  • RF output range from 54 to 1,002 MHz
  • Simultaneous ASI output of the QAM multi-program transport stream
  • Program filtering and multiplexing from two transport streams
  • EAS (Emergency Alert System) compatible with SCTE18 force tune tables and/or as a dependent to existing Drake EH24/244 encoder hosts
  • Generates custom VCT (Virtual Channel Tables)
  • Field-upgradable firmware

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