Custom TV Guide Channel

Increase Revenue, and Forget the Hassle of Paper TV Guides with our Award-Winning Enterprise Edge Guide (EEG) and Content Hotel Information Carousel (CHIC)


A Custom Hotel TV Guide Channel controlled by the room’s TV remote, allows guests to easily find their favorite TV content through grid-based listings.

By logging into the web-based GUI of the Custom Hotel Guide Channel, the operator can easily add logos, images, text, or banner ads for local advertising in the “Footer” section of the hotel guide channel. The Cable operator customizes the ” Header” section of the hotel guide channel.


The Custom Hotel Guide Channel allows for a content Service Provider to offer a custom flip-page hotel-guide for a Hotel’s unique channel-lineup, giving the hotel opportunities for branding and revenue by local ad insertion.


  • Increase revenue by selling ad space to local businesses
  • Customize the hotel guide channel with logos, images, text, or jpeg banner ads
  • Improve hotel TV service experience
  • Reduce demand on network by decreasing channel surfing, making favorite programs easy to find
  • Save on operational impact, no 3rd party, cost-effective solution


  • Eight channel listings per flip-page display
  • Page-timing selectable between 5-25 seconds (1 second intervals)
  • Supports major and minor channels
  • Supports any color customization
  • Can be displayed on TV’s without set-tops
  • Guide source data is QAM modulated for RF delivery over hybrid fiber/coax plant to the Hotel

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