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Millions of digital flat panel television displays have been placed where we work, shop, vacation, educate ourselves, and even where we sleep. Most display devices deployed in these locations receive content via a traditional coaxial CATV type distribution network.

Savvy entrepreneurs have come to realize there is an opportunity to offset the costs of digital flat panel displays by allowing advertisers access to these units for targeted messaging directly to consumers while they engage in activities away from home.

Drake provides high-quality and affordable solutions that uses the legacy coaxial cable network to connect digital signage content providers with millions of existing flat panel displays where consumers are most likely to view them.

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DSE 2 Plus HD Encoder

Dual HD Digital Signage Encoder with Multiplexed QAM Output

DSE24A HD Encoder

HD Video Encoder with QAM Output and Closed Captioning

DNP100 Network Media Player

Network Media Player