Bandwidth Recovery

Drake’s All Digital Bandwidth Recovery Solution

The demand for bandwidth hungry HD programming has resulted in many cable systems reaching their maximum channel capacity. As an alternative to expensive cable plant rebuilds to expand that capacity, Drake is proposing an all digital bandwidth recovery solution.

A recent breakthrough in MPEG encoding by Drake allows analog channels to be converted to digital multiplexes at a very low cost recovering up to 80% of the cable operators bandwidth required for analog content distribution. To complement the solution, Drake has partnered with leading DTA set top box manufacturers for low cost premises devices to convert the new digital clear QAM channels back to analog when required. Newer digital TV’s typically do not require the use of a DTA.

Because several major cable operators have chosen to use DTA’s in their all digital deployments, cable operators of all sizes can take advantage of the products low cost and ready availability. However, DTA’s were designed to be managed by a local DAC controller or by a 3rd party content transport provider. To complete its solution Drake has developed a unique and inexpensive PC software application that provides code download and channel mapping for DTA’s without a costly DAC or monthly management fees from transport providers.

Drake’s “All Digital Bandwidth Recovery Solution” can be implemented as the first step into digital cable distribution while creating bandwidth for a premium digital overlay solution, or it can be used as a basic digital underlay to compliment an existing digital overlay solution creating space for more HD content and revenue generating data services.

Click here to download DTA-RPS Bifold Brochure.
  • Recover an average 60% to 80% of bandwidth currently allocated to analog channels
  • Drake SDE24A encoders can replace analog modulators in a smaller footprint
  • Low cost DTA’s convert digital basic content to analog at the subscriber location
  • DTA’s operate fully independent of a managed digital overlay solution eliminating monthly management fees
  • Software updates for DTA’s if needed are provided via a low cost PC based spooler with ASI output card
  • Virtual channel numbers can be mapped to DTA’s via SCTE65 in a PC program and distributed with firmware data
  • Virtual channel numbers can be changed via PSIP change in EH24A to remap clear QAM TV’s
  • EAS is supported via SCT 18 or analog EAS can be encoded with an SDE24EAS card and muxed with update data using an ASI card in EH24 chassis