Drake Launches D-To-A Mini Headend

DENVER — Drake, an American cable TV equipment manufacturer committed to designing and building highly innovative communications solutions for over 65 years, announced today the launch of the Drake Digital Master Digital-To-Analog (MDTA) Mini-Headend, an on-premises QAM conversion system specifically designed to enable cable operators to adapt smaller, pre-determined, digitally delivered channel lineups for mixed analog and digital environments within multiple dwelling unit (MDUs) and commercial services properties like schools, health clubs, smaller hospitality properties and hospitals.

The Drake Mini-MDTA system provides cable operators with a cost-effective, scalable approach to servicing the minimal NTSC analog needs of their customers where deploying set-top boxes remains prohibitive or full channel lineups aren’t required. Highly-scalable and compatible with both Cisco and Motorola set-top systems, the Mini-MDTA system utilizes Drake mini-rack modulators and inexpensive set-top boxes, such as the Motorola DCT700, to enable operators to offer basic analog services and digital packages.

“Drake’s Mini-MDTA mini-headend is specifically engineered to support MSO all-digital migration strategies by enabling on-site conversion of digitally compressed video to analog at the edge of their networks. With this mini-headend, operators are able to provide bulk analog services at maximum cost-efficiencies for locations where a digital set-top on every TV is just not practical,” said Jeff Huppertz, president and CEO of Drake.

R.L. Drake LLC