Drake introduces a new low cost ATSC to QAM Transcoder for CATV Operators

The Drake ACT1000 is designed to transcode one 8VSB/ATSC broadcast channel to a single QAM output channel. It may also be used to translate or process a single QAM channel on its original input channel assignment or to a different QAM output channel. Simplicity and affordability are the end result of this new product from Drake that is in a card form factor and integrates into Drake’s popular RMT150 chassis and is powered and controlled by the PS151 power supply allowing up to 10 ACT1000’s to fit into 2 rack spaces (3.5″).

Drake’s ACT1000 is the logical choice for transcoding ATSC broadcast channels to QAM for distribution on any RF cable type system where sufficient bandwidth is available and the added cost of multiplexing two ATSC channels to one QAM channel is prohibitive. Additionally, Drake’s ACT1000 system is the densest configuration currently available with the ability to house 10 transcoders in 2 rack spaces. Customers using Drake’s popular SCTx860 series satellite to QAM transcoders may mix and match satellite and ATSC transcoders in the same chassis for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

About R.L. Drake
Headquartered in Ohio, Drake is an American cable TV institution, designing and building innovative end-to-end communications systems and video engineering components for over 65 years. Drake Digital headends are deployed in demanding locations worldwide, from the White House Situation Room to Iraq’s Green Zone, Disney’s cruise ships to US Navy vessels, and even remote Inuit Eskimo communities across the Arctic Circle. Commercial, government and MSO customers of all sizes use Drake Digital systems. Drake arms multi-channel service providers with the technical solutions they need to effectively compete in the residential, enterprise and hospitality environments.

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Andy Ruffin
Vice President of Sales
R.L. Drake LLC