Drake Delivers Affordable Bandwidth for Cable Operators

Affordable bandwidth has eluded the Independent Cable Operator for years hindering their ability to add additional revenue generating services that would allow them to compete with a barrage of competition coming from Telco’s and Direct to Home Satellite Providers. It’s no secret everyone knew moving to an all digital platform was the answer to the bandwidth problem but the price tag remained too high. A recent breakthrough in MPEG encoding by R.L. Drake, a leader in communications since 1943 and trusted supplier to the independent cable operator, allows high quality MPEG2 and MPEG4 local encoding at a very affordable price. To complete the solution for providing affordable bandwidth to cable operators, Drake is teaming up with leading DTA vendors. It does no good to provide inexpensive bandwidth on the network side if a low cost device were not available to display the content on the premise side. It is also not feasible for most independent cable operators to purchase an expensive DAC controller or to pay transport and management fees on DTA set top boxes that will typically be provided at no cost to their customer. With the support of its DTA partners, Drake developed a low cost PC based solution to provide virtual channel mapping, EAS support and DTA code download support for DTA’s. Finally, Drake and its partners deliver an affordable and sensible solution for providing affordable bandwidth for bandwidth challenged cable operators.

About R.L. Drake
Headquartered in Ohio, Drake is an American cable TV institution, designing and building innovative end-to-end communications systems and video engineering components for over 65 years. Drake Digital headends are deployed in demanding locations worldwide, from the White House Situation Room to Iraq’s Green Zone, Disney’s cruise ships to US Navy vessels, and even remote Inuit Eskimo communities across the Arctic Circle. Commercial, government and MSO customers of all sizes use Drake Digital systems. Drake arms multi-channel service providers with the technical solutions they need to effectively compete in the residential, enterprise and hospitality environments.

Corporate Contact
Andy Ruffin
Vice President of Sales
R.L. Drake LLC