Drake Bakes MPEG-2/4 Encoder

FRANKLIN, Ohio — Drake, an American cable TV equipment manufacturer committed to designing and building highly innovative communications solutions for over 65 years, today introduced the Drake Digital EH24 Encoder solution, a high performance, real-time, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standard definition (SD) encoding platform designed to cost-effectively address video content providers’ needs by allowing them to efficiently deliver the best possible SD quality video services while conserving valuable bandwidth.

The Drake Digital EH24 system can encode up to 12 analog video inputs when fully populated with six SDE24 encoder modules, each of which is capable of digitizing 2 analog video inputs in MPEG-2, or one in MPEG-4. Additionally, the platform contains a transport stream multiplexer capable of multiplexing from 2 to 12 digital programs into a multiple program transport stream, which is then directed to an integrated QAM modulator to output the streams over the network.

“Drake’s EH24 can be used to encode analog video in a variety of applications, from traditional cable systems and MDUs to schools, stadiums and other commercial environments – even naval vessels. Anywhere the network operator has video from a camera or other analog source, the EH24 cost-effectively enables digital transmission over their network,” said Jeff Huppertz, president and CEO of Drake.

R.L. Drake LLC