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Vintage Amateur Radio Product Repair

Due to the inability to obtain the original equipment repair parts, R.L. Drake no longer offers factory service or technical support on amateur radio products greater than 20 years old.

The following is a list of independent businessmen that provide repair service for older amateur radio products. These individuals are NOT associated with R.L. Drake, LLC, and consequently R.L. Drake accepts no responsibility in regard to the work they may or may not do for you. We are simply providing a list of technicians, whose names have been given to us by your fellow amateur radio operators. If you need a reference, contact the individual and ask for a reference.

John Kriner (Southern Ohio) | 1-513-422-9059

Gary Poland (Southern Ohio) | 1-937-658-9323

Jeff Covelli (Northern Ohio) | 1-440-951-6406

Harbach Electronics (Northern Ohio), Jeff Weinberg |

Lou De Beer (California)

Chuck Felton (Cheyenne, Wyoming) | 1-307-634-5858

Land Air Communications, (Richmond Hill, New York), Hal Guretzky | 1-718-847-3090

Borsch Electronics, (Tigard, Oregon)

Drake Digital Solutions

Take control of your digital strategy with digital solutions from Drake. Our solutions help rural operators offer channel line-ups comparable to those found in larger urban markets.

Technical Support

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