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DRAKE : Transmitting Value Since 1943

Cable TV Solutions

Products and Solutions

R.L. Drake is your trusted partner for delivering both digital and analog cable TV solutions. We specialize in providing head-end solutions tailor made for rural cable operators.

Through our partnership with Beyond Broadband Technology (BBT), Drake can now help rural operators offer channel line-ups comparable to those found in larger urban markets and to compete with subscription satellite providers.



Drake Digital Cable Products

  • Digital Transcoders
  • Digital Modulators
  • Digital Modulator Components

Analog Cable Products

  • Agile Video Modulators
  • Fixed Channel Modulators
  • Heterodyne Channel Processors
  • Signal Combiners
  • Stereo Broadcast Modulators
  • Demodulators and Monitor
  • Components and Accessories

MPEG Encoding Products

  • Encoder Host
  • Standard & High Definition Encoder Module
  • EAS/All Call Encoder Module
  • Digital Signage Encoder


Drake Digital Cable Systems

Beyond Broadband Technology and R.L. Drake have teamed together to provide smaller cable operators with an affordable way to go digital.

Digital Signage

Drake's Digital Signage solution allows access to millions of existing flat panel digital television displays without the expenses of other solutions.

Bandwidth Recovery

A recent breakthrough in MPEG encoding by Drake recovers up to 80% of the bandwidth required for analog content distribution.

Drake Digital Solutions

Take control of your digital strategy with digital solutions from Drake. Our solutions help rural operators offer channel line-ups comparable to those found in larger urban markets.

Technical Support

Looking for answers? Manuals? How-to advice? Visit our Technical Support section and find the answers you're looking for.